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How does Oscar De La Hoya reply to a thinly-veiled demise danger?

by using smiling from ear to ear, interestingly.

The hazard in query changed into lobbed by way of middleweight titleholder Gennadiy Golovkin, who, a few months in the past, responded to a reporter’s query about De La Hoya’s contemporary need to come back to the ring and face a proper fighter. De La Hoya had outlined that he can be greater than open to dealing with Golovkin and that he “all the time took apart opponents like him.” Golovkin spoke back with uncharacteristic venom. 

“You recognize Oscar, you understand how soiled his mouth is,” Golovkin advised Agence France-Presse. “every thing involving Gennadiy Golovkin for him is a nightmare. He can say whatever thing. however let me put it this manner — if I received a chance to legally kill a person in the ring, I may capture it.”


The Golden Boy promoter and former welterweight superstar dismissed these comments like water off of a duck’s returned in a contemporary interview with battle Hub tv. basically, he downright sympathized with the 38-yr-historic Golovkin (41-1-1, 36 KOs).

“appear, they (the feedback) weren’t quality, but he’s a fighter, he’s bought to give protection to his own graphic,” De La Hoya talked about. “however he’s surely still a deadly fighter because he hits complicated.” 

nonetheless, the 47-12 months-ancient De La Hoya (39-6, 30 KOs) stated that he was on a far different level than, say, Kamil Szeremeta, the obligatory challenger Golovkin wiped out most these days internal seven rounds on Dec. 12 in Hollywood, Florida.

“I suggest c’mon, I’m now not a stroll in the park, like the guy he fought on the different day,” De La Hoya scoffed.

“I’ve all the time prided myself on fighting the most beneficial,” he added. “That’s not ever going to alternate. i will be able to’t go back on that.”

De La Hoya says his revival is partly impressed through his disgust with the contemporary boxing mentality which places business ahead of legacy. all through his meteoric career, De La Hoya took on all comers, a list that comprises Floyd Mayweather Jr., Felix Trinidad, Ike Quartey, Bernard Hopkins, Oba Carr, Ricardo Mayorga, Shane Mosely, and Fernando Vargas. He retired in 2008, after a punishing eighth-circular stoppage loss to a main Manny Pacquiao.

“It’s also to prove a degree,” De La Hoya observed. “To show a degree myself that i can do it. however to show this younger generation of opponents that to be the most suitable you should beat the top-rated. Even at this age at 47 I nonetheless wish to beat the premiere.

“expectantly it might probably spark whatever thing with these young guys. as a substitute of paying attention to the whispers of their ears in its place of thinking about the business first. believe about the battle. think concerning the glory. believe in regards to the legacy. The handiest way to create a legacy is through fighting the very best.”

De La Hoya reiterated his need to compete any place between 154 and a hundred and sixty kilos. 

“i might have to look at the right guys out there that make the most experience, which means you examine their patterns, where they’re at at their careers, what weight I need to combat in,” De La Hoya pointed out.

“I don’t feel i would have a problem making between 154 and 160. I don’t feel i would have an issue with that.”