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at last, Daniel Dubois vs. Joe Joyce is finally happening. it’s a combat that has captured the public imagination and it goes down this Saturday nighttime are living on BT game 1 HD from 7.30pm.

beneath are a selection of prediction charges from one of the vital largest names in the sport, and a couple of noted fans for decent measure.



I are looking to be there for that. I wish to be the commentary man for that combat. That’s a combat I don’t want to pass over. both respectable combatants. Joe’s a big potent unit, Juggernaut, get in the approach he’ll run you over. Daniel’s huge and strong and youthful, sparkling. They’re both good warring parties and it’ll come right down to who needs it greater on the night. They’re both capable of winning, they’re each able to pulling victories out and that they’re each in a position to knocking the different grownup out. It’s a fight you don’t need to leave out. Watch it reside and unique on BT sport.

i will see it going each methods. i will see Dubois being in a position to stop Joyce if it’s an early shootout. however, if it’s now not an early shootout and it becomes a boxing fit, I accept as true with that works in Joe Joyce’s favour. So I’m going to go with the man i know, the man I’ve considered take some beatings and soak it up, I’m going to go with Joe Joyce by way of facets resolution or late stoppage.

I’m a little bit worried about no matter if it’s too early for Daniel Dubois. Joe Joyce is a large, potent professional man. We comprehend he’s got an outstanding engine and he can grasp a shot smartly. It’s a tough one, but for my cash it’s a bit too soon for Daniel Dubois.

I see it being a shoot out. I think Dubois’ added velocity will supply him the edge and i believe he’ll win with the aid of knockout.

I consider most individuals will lean to Dubois just a little as a result of he’s a person in form. He’s a little bit fresher. Joe’s had a extremely distinct beginner profession, possibly he has a couple of more miles on the clock than Daniel. He’s fairly versatile Joe. He can do relatively much every little thing. His style is a little bit in-your-face, even though, which might go well with Daniel Dubois. I feel it’s a 50-50 combat, but Daniel should be would becould very well be a little bit fresher… I consider that may simply make the difference.

My prediction is an explosive battle. could go both approaches. They’re each huge punching guys hunting for the large one. I part against Dubois at this second.

I suppose if Daniel Dubois can land a large shot early on it’ll be his contest. If Joe can get throughout the first three or four rounds and take Daniel into the later levels… then the tide might turn after 5 – 6 rounds. If I needed to put cash on it, I’d doubtless just fancy Daniel to be sincere.

I think it’ll be a great battle. I somewhat incredibly favour Dubois, but when Joyce can climate a little of a storm then I think he’s in with a chance. if you put a gun to my head, I’d ought to put my funds on Dubois.

It’s a real 50-50 combat in my view. I suppose lot of people are writing Joe off, but it’s a great deal nearer than that. Joyce has got a good newbie pedigree. Daniel having said that is a large power puncher, large backhand. beneath six I’ll favour Daniel, over six it’ll be interesting to look what occurs.

50-50 in my mind. undoubtedly Joyce can shift a shot, he’s extra skilled coming from the amateurs. He’s had some good fights as knowledgeable. then you definately’ve bought a younger boy Daniel Dubois, British champion on his means up. I know it’s a cliché to claim that if it goes lengthy Joyce will win it and if it goes brief Daniel will win it however in fact, I just hope first rate success to both guys hope they put up a fine fight and might the finest man win.

This ones in reality exciting. each guys are punchers. Dubois is technically enhanced than Joe however Joe, notwithstanding he looks actually unorthodox, he’s acquired an engine like I’ve under no circumstances considered earlier than in my life. i was fortunate ample to train with him and that i’ve certainly not seen a more fit boxer. He’ll wish to observe his drive to Dubois and make him work complicated from the birth. I consider it’s going to be an outstanding battle, Joe’s going to force the tempo from the delivery and he’s going to walk onto loads of photographs so it’s all about how neatly his chin holds up. The later the battle goes on the greater possibility that Joe has but I’m going to dwell with Dubois on this one. I feel Dubois will get to him at some point, probably a stoppage in the core rounds.


i like this battle — clash of styles,  with the result unsure. huge Joe is physically potent, durable, extra experienced, and has attain… however he’s gradual. Dubois is more cellular, may also be explosive, and has competencies out the ying-yang. this is a great home brawl. The youngster’s more athletic and i’m predicting a mid/late stoppage for Daniel.


Going to be a pretty good combat, two of the largest possibilities in Heavyweight boxing tearing it up, like the respectable old days. It’s as close to a 50/50 as you can get but I’m a little bit leaning in opposition t Joyce as he’s more experienced in massive matches, his actual maturity and experience in large fights and competition like the Olympics , and so on.

JON PEGG (desirable Matchmaker)

I hold changing my mind on this one. I’m going for the Peacock  fitness center group to tip the stability with their event and Dubois to get a tough fought stoppage around 7.


I think it’s a brilliant 50/50 combat and has the makings to be a basic. Dubois is a wonderful talent however is that this a fit-up too early for him? I could not decide on a winner as there are too many unknowns but when I had too i’d need to opt for Joyce because I actually have viewed him in the deep end before. good luck to each.


 I think it’s a appropriate combat between two very first rate Heavyweights who’re each on the up. It’s a great conflict of styles. If Dubois has it within the tank, I consider he wins, he’s better all round.  If he doesn’t, and doesn’t do Joyce in the first few rounds, then Joyce could come on for a late stoppage. but, my prefer is Dubois win, 4-6 rounds.


I agree with ‘Dynamite’ Dubois is gonna explode on point and extinguish Joe Joyce inside six rounds.


lots of people are writing Joe off, however he’s GB’s most embellished amateur for a reason. i am going for JJ win.